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This week's Top Tuesday topic is from The Broke and The Bookish's blog. I'm running *very* late, so I'll add photos and links to the books after I get off of work tonight, [edit: done!] but my, oh, my. I'm so "convicted" by this topic --Since these book series are all finished (published), I really need to finish them! (Or do I?)  I'm also fudging it a bit perhaps by including trilogies, but in no particular order ... =P

The Artist Librarian's Ten Finished/Published Series I Haven't Finished Yet
These books represent where I'm currently at in their respective series!

1.  The Matched Trilogy - Allie Ally Condie (2010-2012)

--I actually haven't finished Matched yet ... I had to return the book to the library.  I thought the dystopian world-building was intriguing, but I haven't really attached myself to the characters yet.  I may or may not continue depending on how book one ends (or if there's a film adaptation someday, I'll probably finish it).

2.  Divergent Series - Veronica Roth (2011-2014)
--I need to read Allegiant, once my library's copy comes back, LOL.  When I heard people talking about how they liked the films better than the Hunger Games ones, I was immediately intrigued.  I read the first book and like most dystopians, really liked the concepts and world-building.  However, I'm not as attached to Tris or Four ... I don't know why.  Hopefully the seeing the films will change that for me?  I'm definitely going to finish the series: Even though I haven't been spoiled by details (and I 'd like to keep it that way), I heard the ending was kind of controversial and many people were disappointed, so I'm bracing myself for some Mockingjay-type of ending or something!

3.  Fate of the Jedi series - Various authors: Aaron Allston, Christie Golden, Troy Denning (2009-2012)
--Apocalypse, the final volume in the 9-book story arc, has been on my "to read" list for several years now.  I initially borrowed the book in 2012 when it first released, but I had to return it before I could even start it.  These books are now branded "Star Wars: Legends" and no longer a part of the official Star Wars timeline since the Disney acquisition and the upcoming Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  I still mean to finish the series despite all the ... drama that's gone on in this series: the discovery of a lost "Sith" tribe (boo!), the public and government turning against the Jedi (boo! really?), the deaths (*teardrops*), etc.  Even if it's just to read X-Wing: Mercy Kill (which was set after this series in the old timeline).  Frankly, I need to catch up with the last three years of Star Wars fiction publishing in general. =P

4. The Grand Tour Trilogy (2012-1013) & The River of Time Series (2011-2014) - Lisa T. Bergren
--I'm sticking two series here:  I enjoyed Bergren's YA historical trilogy --I need to get my hands on the final volume, Glittering Promises.  A lack of funds prevented me from finishing the trilogy when it was first published and then it kind of slipped my mind. 

"The River Tribe" as I believe they're called, the River of Time fandom, was one of the most vocal/active fan groups I'd seen for a recent Christian YA series.  My library system didn't have the rest of the books when I initially read Waterfall (#1) --time travel romance isn't what I normally see in Christian fiction, let alone Christian YA, and it had some general market appeal as well, so I'd like to finish the series eventually.

5. Auralia's Thread Quartet - Jeffrey Overstreet (2007-2011)
--I'm pretty sure I finished #3, Raven's Ladder, but I don't remember reading #4, The Ale Boy's Feast.  I'm thinking of re-reading the entire series anyway to see if I still view it the same as I did as a teen (wonderfully poetic/lyrical prose, but almost too much for me at the time).

6.  Chiril Chronicles trilogy - Donita K. Paul (2009-2011)
--Yes, believe it or not, there's a "DKP" fantasy that I haven't gotten to, Dragons of the Watch (#3).  It's on my bookshelf still waiting for me. =)

7.  The Christy Miller Series - Robin Jones Gunn (1988-1999)
--I was given the entire series (along with the Sierra Jensen books) years ago, but I'm only going through it now.  It's ... interesting to see, much like how Christian fiction has grown and changed over the years, the same goes for Christian YA fic.  Not that the series doesn't have it's moments, but ... yeah. I don't quite know how to describe it and I almost feel bad ragging on such a beloved series.  However, I will say that it was one of the first popular YA series in Christian fiction, so for historical value (plus, it's so 90s!) ... I'm planning on finishing it. =P

8.  Tales of Redwall - Brian Jacques (1986-2011)
--I have The Rogue Crew still sitting on my shelf after I bought it several years after "Sir" Brian's death in 2011.  I still haven't been able to bring myself to read the last Redwall novel ever published...

9.  How to Train Your Dragon series - Cressida Cowell (2003-2015)
--Technically, How to Fight a Dragon's Fury, the final novel in the series, doesn't release until November of this year, but I'm sticking it on this list anyway (what's two months)? =P  If you've seen some of my other posts, you know that I'm a huge "Berkian" (How to Train Your Dragon fan), regarding DreamWork's animated films.  Seeing other Berkians write about how they enjoyed both the films and the book series, I thought I'd fill my lack of HtTYD (since I don't have Netflix to follow season 3 of the tv show, Dragons: Race to the Edge,) by reading the novels that inspired the movies.  I was warned that the books are way different than the films, but still ... I was taken aback as to how much was changed: other than a couple of character traits and their names, it's completely different.  As someone who normally hates when adaptations don't follow the books, I think HtTYD is an exception: I actually like the films better.  After reading book #1, I don't know if I'll continue the series ... it's definitely juvenile, not terribly horrible or anything but ... I don't know.  I heard it gets better as the series goes on (such as more the more recent releases), so we'll see.  

10.  Ranger's Apprentice series - John Flanagan (2004-2013)

--I finished the first four books and then (again) had to return the fifth to the library.  I really enjoyed this series thus far: it kind of reminded me of both Lord of the Rings and Redwall with their quests and adventures (though no talking animals here)!  But Flanagan's writing was much more quicker paced (perfect for YA).  I definitely will be continuing this series --out of this list, they're the books I'm most excited about.

If you've participated in this week's TTT, feel free to comment and leave a link to you list!  What are some finished (published) series that you haven't completed?  Why?  Are you planning to finish them?  Most of my "haven't finished" series seem to be out of either laziness (need to reserve those library books), lack of interest, or sentimentality. =P
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  1. I'd like to read Ally's "Matched" series still! Alas, I have yet to do so. Hopefully someday in the near future I will do just that. :) Hope you can finish the books you're still interested in.

    1. Hey Rissi!

      I still have my bookmark with a note of the page number I left off on Matched scribbled on it. =) Yeah, Matched has an interesting idea of books and knowledge being limited to 100 items in their society --I think the worldbuilding is enough to stick it out even if the characters don't grab you.

      Thanks and I hope so too! Many of them are in my library system, so it's mostly just time management, I guess. =)

  2. I listened to the audiobook version of Matched and wasn't really gripped by the story. I don't think I'll be finishing that series. The only other series on your list that I've started is the Divergent series. I do plan on finishing that series later this year.

    1. Hi Brittany!

      Yeah, I've been seeing mixed opinions on the Matched trilogy ... I really don't like not finishing novels, but there have been a couple of them that I've had to return to the library this year that I haven't gotten around to reserve or re-borrow. =)

      With you on Divergent --again, we'll see if I actually get to it before the year's over. =

  3. HOLY CRAP you haven't had Allegient spoiled for you?!?! What is this magic you have managed?? It's practically impossible! Kudos to you! (Better get there before the third movie hits, or like with the GoT books, it will be impossible to avoid).

    1. I think I just avoided talking about the series with people, LOL. I didn't start blogging until after the book was released, so I missed any blow ups in the blogger-sphere. =P But you are so right! I need to get to Allegiant soon ...


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