A Few of My Favorite (Disney) Things - Fandom Friday

I haven't done a Fandom Friday in awhile and after seeing Brad from Blogs of Geekdom's list of Disney Favorites yesterday, I thought I'd give it a shot as well!

1. Favorite Disney animated movie?
--I’m going to “cheat” and split it by 2D and CGI: Mulan for 2D and either Tangled or Frozen for CG (though I just saw Big Hero 6 and enjoyed that also). =P

Disney Group Cosplay (image credit: Tom Quach, February)
My take on Mulan, along with other Disney friends (photo credit: Tom Quach)
2. Favorite Disney live action movie?
--The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (or if that doesn’t count because they co-produced with Walden Media, then I choose Tron: Legacy). ;-)

3. Favorite current Disney Channel show? 
  --Does Sofia the First count? If not, I’m going to “cheat” again and choose Kim Possible.

4. Favorite Disney Channel movie?
--Probably either High School Musical or Camp Rock … For a "non-musical," I'd pick the lesser known Right on Track, based on real-life drag racing sisters.

5. Favorite Disney Channel star?
--Eh, probably Hilary Duff or maybe Demi Lovato

6. Favorite Disney princess?

7. Favorite Disney sidekick?
--Olaf! I find him endearing rather than annoying. *wink*

8. Favorite Mickey & friends character?
--Uhhh … Pluto, I guess. =)

9. Favorite Disney theme park?
--Disneyland, CA, since that’s the only one I’ve visited. Though Tokyo Disneyland would be cool to go to ...

10. Favorite Disney theme park attraction?
--I’m a huge Star Wars fangirl, so I think I’d enjoy Star Tours, but the only one I remember going on is the “It’s a Small World After All” ride.  =)

Aerial view of Disneyland, CA (creative commons: Horst Frank~commonswiki)
Disneyland, CA (creative commons: Horst Frank~commonswiki)
What would be your choices? Let me know in the comments!
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  1. Sofia the First DEFINITELY counts! She's my favorite :)

    1. My sisters and I like watching "Sofia" even though we're way above the target age! She's adorable --I love the animation and it's fun when you can talk to kids about their favorite television show.

      She is my favorite Disney TV character right now, for sure. James is a close second, LOL.

  2. What a fun meme! Love Tangled and Frozen as well as Narnia. Oh, and what memories HSM brings back! :)

    1. Oh yeah! Can you believe that HSM will be 10 years old next year?! *mind blown* =P

  3. Kim Possible will always be the best Disney TV show!! (Although I did really enjoy Lizzie McGuire). I can never decide between Beauty and the Beast and Mulan for my favourite Disney movie - and if you throw the 3D movies in it's JUST NOT POSSIBLE TO CHOOSE. Out of the 3D's (counting Pixar? Are they still part of Disney? It's so hard to keep track!) Toy Story 3 is my favourite to date. I've only seen Tangled once, but I really need to rewatch it! If only it were on Netflix :-( (for that matter I wish Kim Possible was on there too. I'd watch the heck out of it!)

    1. Yes! LOL, in class last week, one girl's phone went off with the Kimmunicator beep and half of us were like, "Kim Possible!" =P I wish it was on DVD at a reasonable price --the first two seasons were like $30-40 each. One of my classmates said it was on iTunes, but I like DVDs ...

      Lizzy McGuire was great too!

      Pixar is still owned by Disney. I didn't count them for this, but I don't think I'd be able to choose a favorite animated film if I counted Pixar (their stories are amazing)! Even premises that I think are going to be silly, like Inside Out, totally prove me wrong with their poignancy. =)

    2. Ughhh tv shows are so bloody expensive! And I'm with you - I like having dvds too. ...this is probably going to start dating us as "old people" not too long from now (if it isn't already haha!)

      I still haven't seen Inside Out! I'm getting woefully behind on my Disney things - I still haven't seen any of the Cars/Planes movies, or Brave, Princess and the Frog, Inside Out, Big Hero 6...like...it's crazy. I used to watch them all as soon as they came out!

    3. ROFL, so true. --I think it's because I like the physical copy. Plus digital doesn't always transfer well between devices (as someone who has a PC, iPad, and android devices).

      Cars is adorable (I grew up watching NASCAR, so maybe I'm biased), the sequels (including Planes) were just okay.
      Brave is gorgeous --I didn't like Merida when I first watched it, but over time she's grown on me. Princess and the Frog --loved Tiana's character.
      I know what you mean --I usually just wait for our library system to get them ($1 week rentals). =)


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