Dawn of the Dragon Racers - Wordless Wednesday

Picture of Astrid, Toothless, Hiccup, and Snotlout.
Astrid, Toothless, Hiccup, and Snotlout sport new looks between the movies.
How to Train Your Dragon 1 1/2 

Not really, but over the weekend, several new stills were released from Dawn of the Dragon Racers, a new animated short that releases with the How to Train You Dragon 2 (HTTYD2) home release (blu-Ray, DVD, or digital download).  HTTYD2 actually is available now for digital download as of yesterday --though a digital copy's included with my preorder, I can't wait for the bluRay and all it's bonus features.  

My first reaction was that I'm not crazy about the redesign, because it seemed like a mash-up of their HTTYD and HTTYD2 outfits.  For example, Astrid has a top with blue shades in the first movie, so the color is similar, but the style of her shirt matches the one she wears in the sequel.  Her boots look similar to HTTYD's but the skulls on her skirt are still natural looking (she hasn't swapped them out for the metal ones yet).

Then again, a positive is that it looks transitional.  Obviously,  Hiccup's already begun developing the leather armor he wears in HTTYD2.  Astrid and the other characters are wearing elements or a variant of what they have in HTTYD2.  I think it's very likely that season 3 of DreamWorks' Dragons television show will be using these new character models!

You can check out the Berk's Grapevine article for the rest of the stills!

What's your favorite redesign or "aging up" of a character model?  What do you think of these transitional looks for the HTTYD gang?

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