Star Wars: Heir to the Empire - Throwback Thursday

First Throwback Thursday of October!  Elements from this reflection review were first posted on goodreads in Dec. 2010 & Jan. 2014.

reflection review on Timothy Zahn's first Star Wars novel
(c.) Bantam Spectra
Title: Star Wars: Heir to the Empire
Author: Timothy Zahn
Published: 2011 by Del Ray; original 1991 by Bantam Spectra

Reflections and Thoughts: 20th Anniversary Edition - I absolutely love it when authors and publishers decide to re-release books with annotations or other extras.  For me, this commemorative edition was a wonderful addition to my Star Wars collection, perhaps because I previously had a used paperback copy, so I didn't mind "upgrading" to a better copy.  I found the annotations a neat "behind the scenes" look into the writing and publishing of the novel and wish that they annotated the rest of the trilogy ... I believe they didn't continue because of poor sales, which is understandable but still a shame.

I actually read this book last out of the Thrawn Trilogy and I remember thinking "I like the order I read it in better." I guess after reading books 2 and 3, I was expecting more from the beginning (e.g. I didn't expect Luke and Mara to meet up like that), but I still enjoy the trilogy as a whole and it does have the distinction of being the books that jump-started Star Wars expanded universe publishing and gave us the introduction of one of the most beloved Expanded Universe Characters, the Emperor's Hand, Mara Jade.

Timothy Zahn's annotated Heir to the Empire
(c.) Del Ray
About the Book (from the 20th Anniversary Edition):
"Here is a special 20th anniversary edition of the #1 New York Times bestselling novel that reignited the entire Star Wars publishing phenomenon—featuring an Introduction and annotations from award-winning author Timothy Zahn, exclusive commentary from Lucasfilm and Del Rey Books, and a brand-new novella starring the ever-popular Grand Admiral Thrawn. The biggest event in the history of Star Wars books, Heir to the Empire follows the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia after they led the Rebel Alliance to victory in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.

Five years after the Death Star was destroyed and Darth Vader and the Emperor were defeated, the galaxy is struggling to heal the wounds of war, Princess Leia and Han Solo are married and expecting twins, and Luke Skywalker has become the first in a long-awaited line of new Jedi Knights.

But thousands of light-years away, the last of the Emperor’s warlords—the brilliant and deadly Grand Admiral Thrawn—has taken command of the shattered Imperial fleet, readied it for war, and pointed it at the fragile heart of the New Republic. For this dark warrior has made two vital discoveries that could destroy everything the courageous men and women of the Rebel Alliance fought so hard to create.

The explosive confrontation that results is a towering epic of action, invention, mystery, and spectacle on a galactic scale—in short, a story worthy of the name Star Wars."

*Disclaimer: I am a member of the Del Rey's SWAT Team (Star Wars Action Team) through Fancorps.  I may earn points through their rewards program for completing missions such as posting book reviews or promoting new books but they are required to be my own opinion (whether positive or negative).  I am disclosing this connection according to FTC guidelines.*


  1. I love Star Wars. Looking forward to the new movie coming out the end of next year.

    1. Have you seen the teaser trailer, Karen? The new lightsaber design one of the characters has is ... so interesting. I'm definitely eager to see how this new Star Wars movie turns out post-George Lucas. =)


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