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October 1st Wordless Wednesday The Artist Librarian
Swag from Jill Williamson! (c.) 2014 by The Artist Librarian
Wordless Wednesday - Happy first day of October everyone!  =)

Last week, the swag I won from Jill Williamson's The Safe Lands #3 Rebels Release Facebook Party came in the mail!  There aren't a lot of Christian fiction authors (none really) that come to our area for book tours and such, so I personally love collecting bookmarks, postcards, pins, and all that swag from my favorite authors (and Jill Williamson's one of my most favorite new authors)!  I think my favorites are the glossy postcards with the Blood of Kings trilogy book covers (I love those books so much) and the Safe Lands trilogy bookmarks.  There's also a postcard for the YA superhero series Failstate by John Otte (I haven't seen such as series in Christian fiction, so I'll be looking into that) and yes, that card down left does say Amish Vampires in Space (the most interesting title in the Christian speculative fiction market of recent years, if I do say so myself). 

I also have to give a shoutout to her husband, Brad for the awesome Oswin and fez & bow tie pins!  He runs the awesome Blogs from Geekdom, so if you're into various pop culture fandoms like me, check it out!
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  1. I'm glad you liked it! And I'd LOVE to come to Hawaii someday if I could figure out how. Ha ha ha. :-)

    1. Thanks Jill! I totally understand ... but definitely let me know if you ever visit. ^_^


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