Kicking Off HTTYD2 Month! - Wordless Wednesday

Picture of How to Train Your Dragon 2 in store preorder from Walmart
The sheep is about 3"-4" and fits in my hand pretty well ...

Wordless Wednesday - Okay, it's not really wordless, especially this time. But work with me here.  ;-)

Yes, I'm a huge fan of the How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) film series.  So minus book reviews, I'm going to try to have a HTTYD theme to the majority of my posts until November 11th (HTTYD2's release day)!  One of the reasons I started a blog in the first place was to record my costuming experience and working on my Astrid Hofferson costume before HTTYD2 hit theaters was definitely something I wanted to chronicle.  What else?  Maybe soundtrack/film score reviews, some character analysis, thoughts on the television shows (Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk), art book reviews, or whatever else catches my fancy (and whatever I can fit in between school and work obligations) though the costume reflections should take up several posts ... 

So with about a month until How to Train Your Dragon 2's home media release date, I've pre-ordered my first blu-Ray through Wal-Mart... Well, I've pre-ordered blu-Rays before, but never through Wal-Mart and they didn't come with extras like this.  

The only "exclusive" bundles I found were at Target and Wal-Mart:

Target's HTTYD2 bluRay set features a bonus figurine of the two-headed Hideous Zippleback.  It looks like it might be the size of the three inch "mini dragons" action figures.

At Wal-Mart the HTTYD2 bundle comes with a bonus "Sheep Tossing" game. If you pre-order in the store, you supposedly get the game and blu-Ray mailed to your home through Vudu (for free) and a bonus sheep now.  As you can see, "bull's eye sheep" is  the one that tried to hide at the beginning of the movie.  ;-)  I think you can tell which I thought was the best deal.
Picture of sheep in opening scenes from How to Train Your Dragon 2
Duck and Hide! (c.) Dreamworks Animation
HTTYD2 comes to DVD, blu-Ray, 3D, and digital download on November 11 and I can't wait!

Any other "Berkians" a.k.a. How to Train You Dragon fans out there?  What type of HTTYD posts would you want to see on my blog over the next month? 

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