Maille Call! - Wordless Wednesday

The Artist Librarian's Wordless Wednesday featuring Chivalrous by @DinaSleiman and pop tab chainmail!
My attempt at an "artsy" book photo =) (c.) The Artist Librarian
My favorite chainmaille piece ever! (c.) Disney/Walden Media
My copy of Chivalrous arrived in the mail last week, so of course, I decided to put in on some chainmail (and my trusty sword). =)  Pulling out my pop tab chainmail reminded me that I need to get to this WIP (work in progress).

I started this chainmail hauberk for Susan Pevensie's red battle gown she wears at the climax of the Prince Caspian film.  I stopped because I got stuck trying to decide how to do the sleeves and armholes.  That was several years ago, but I think it's time to start researching again ...

Have you ever had to take a break from a project?  Did it help coming back with fresh eyes?

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  1. This looks like it'd be an amazing project. I have to set aside projects all the time. But the goal is always to get back to them. Hope you enjoy Chivalrous. It sounds amazing. :)

    1. Thanks Rissi! Yep, getting back to them can sometimes be the hard part ... Chivalrous is great so far! Melanie Dickerson fans would enjoy Dina Sleiman's books also, I think. =)


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