My Year in Books According to Goodreads 2015 - Throwback Thursday

This year, introduced a new feature that breaks down different reading stats based on what books you logged on Goodreads.  I thought it'd be fun to post some screenshots of mine:
The average length is a bit lower than I expected, but I think that's because I added graphic novels/comic books to my reading log this year, so they probably affected the length.  I'd say most of the books/novels I read are 300+ pages.

These stats were fun.  The Giver was read for my Books and Media for Children class earlier this spring.  Cosplay in Libraries ... was just released a few months ago, so considering the price for this professional development book ($50), it's not surprising that only 2 other people have read the book (it also explains the 5.00 rating: 3 of us must have all given it 5 stars)!  I think I normally rate books a 4.0, but because I added comic books and graphic novels, I think that affected my average rating (there were several 1 - 2 star ratings I gave for some of those).

At the beginning of the year, I decided to add comic books and graphic novels for my total of books read (in previous years, I would only add them after I added all the books/novels I read for the year).  As a result, I chose to double my normal reading goal (of 50) to 100.  I ended up reading 80 books and 61 comic books/graphic novels, so I don't think I did too bad!

Lastly, some details on ratings and top shelves.

What about you?  Do you use Goodreads?  Tell me about your 2015 reading goals or milestones! 
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  1. I didn't realize Winter was that long! Hopefully this will be the year I get around to reading the Lunar Chronicles!! There are just so many things on my TBR shelf.

    80 books plus comic books/graphic novels is fantastic, especially when you're in school too. What was your favorite book that you read this year?

    1. I know! I was excited to see it was that long --story-wise, it kind of dragged on at times, but I personally needed that many pages to say good-bye to those characters! =P

      Ah, so hard to choose! I'd have to go with Elizabeth Camden's Beyond All Dreams. Historical, DC setting in the heart of political intrigue and the Library of Congress, a librarian protagonist ... almost all the things I loved as a teenager (plus an amazing passage on art/creativity). In love ... I need to buy myself a physical copy this year. Highly recommend ... ;-)


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