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Photo of The Artist Librarian's Waiting on Wednesday pick -- Attack on Titan, Vol. 17
(c.) 2015 by Kodansha USA Publishing
"Waiting on" Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine, where you feature a yet-to-be-released title you're anticipating!

Note: I've tried to edit some spoilers from the publisher's summary ... a strength of this manga are some of the crazy twists in the storyline! 

Title: Attack on Titan, Vol. 17
Creator: Hajime Isayama
U.S. Release Date: December 15, 2015 by Kodansha USA Publishing
Rating: T - Ages 16+ by the publisher

About the Book:
"Thanks to Rod Reiss, Eren finally knows the terrible truth behind ... Titan powers and the depth of his father’s crimes. The king orders ... Historia to kill Eren and restore the power of the Titans to its rightful place, but she chooses her own selfish path: survival. As the cavern crumbles around the Survey Corps, Eren must make another last-minute decision, with the lives of all his friends in the balance."
Why I'm "WoW" About Attack on Titan, Vol. 17:
You may remember my Fandom Friday feature on this crazy series earlier this year, where I briefly wrote about the combination of the manga and the anime (animated series) that hooked me into this dystopian, post-apocalypic series.

So the last manga volume released in August ended on. Such. A. Cliffhanger.  I was extremely tempted to throw it across the room (kind of).  Not only were was there a "Oh, no --you didn't just stop there!" moment, one of my favorite characters was injured and I'm hoping nothing horrible happens with that, though it has been a bit since a reoccurring character has been ... removed from the main storyline.  I've never followed a comic book or manga series before, so it's a different experience for me to be waiting every 3-4 months or so for the library to get a copy of the next volume.
The cover art for this volume is interesting and looks very calm compared to some of the other more intense covers.  The main characters look like the 15-year-old teenagers they should be rather than the hardened, battle-weary soldiers that they are.  I hope that means they'll be getting a well deserved break from the intense action of the previous volume, but who knows?

Are there any current manga or book series that you're following?  How do you cope with the wait time between books?
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