Attack on Feels & Kleenex - Wordless Wednesday

"Happy tears are the best tears" - Don't you agree, Mikasa? =)
Another Wordless Wednesday!  Going to keep this brief because I've got midterms ... haha.  I got to sample the new Kleenex Pocket Packs that have messages of care printed on them and I thought this one ("happy tears are the best tears") fit the ending of episode 8 of Attack on Titan.  *wink*  I won't elaborate anymore because I don't want to spoil ... But thinking myself clever, I tried to do a little themed photo.  =P

Anyways, I always make sure I have Kleenex Pocket Packs in my backpack because the classrooms at school are so cold!  I like the new designs, they're colorful and (minus the yellow one above) have high contrast: vibrant colors that make the white text easy to read.  There are even blank ones that you can write your own customized message on (I suggest a permanent marker).

[Disclosure: I received a complimentary sample of this product from]

'Fess up.  What was the last movie or t.v. show that made you cry?  ;-)
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