My Entry to Robin Lee Hatcher's #RLHKaraokeGiveaway

I've always thought it'd be cool to sing "in character" while cosplaying and Mulan is one of my favorite Disney characters, so ... Lea Salonga (Mulan and Jasmine's singing voices) I am not, but I gave it my best shot for Robin Lee Hatcher's #RLHKaraokeGiveaway!  The video with the most "likes" by May 26, 2015 wins a $100 gift card, so I only have a day to catch up.  Please click on the link below to vote for me if you feel so inclined and feel free to share also. I promise, I sing in tune, so your ears shouldn't be damaged!  ;-)

Click here to go to the video page to vote. (Please click on the "thumbs up" button on the bottom right corner of the video).

To check out the other entrants, click on the hashtag above.

Do you like karaoke? Why or why not?


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! Comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

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