Book Spine Poetry - Wordless Wednesday

The Artist Librarian's fantasy spine poetry
My Christian Fantasy themed Spine Poetry (c.) The Artist Librarian

For this week's Wordless Wednesday, I wanted to highlight spine poetry!  Last year, I was introduced to the idea of spine poetry --by stacking piles of books you use the titles to create a poem.  You can also see the pinterest board I made below for more inspiration.  As a future librarian, I think this would be fun activity for National Poetry Month (in April) or other events as well.

Ready to try it out? You might be interested in the spine poetry book giveaway hosted by Beth K. Vogt, Pepper Basham, Kristy Cambron, Carla Laureano, and Catherine West. All you have to do is submit your spine poetry by May 15th!  Click any of the authors names for more info.

Have you created any spine poetry?  I've love to see a photo!


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! Comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

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