Dragons: Race to the Edge (of Excitement)!

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Back in October, I posted my reaction to stills released of the upcoming (at the time) Dawn of the Dragon Racers short. If you remember, I theorized the character models would be re-used in the upcoming season 3 of DreamWorks' Dragons series. Well, it looks like my guess was practically correct!

This past Sunday at Wondercon 2015 in Aneheim California, DreamWorks Animation revealed more details of the upcoming season of their popular How to Train Your Dragon tv series.  Season 3, Dragons: Race to the Edge will be aired exclusively on Netflix and takes place a few years before the events in the second How to Train Your Dragon film.  Fangirlish.com interviewed the executive producers of the series, giving us an article with the most details of season three thus far.  Berkians (How to Train You Dragon fans) will have to hang on until June, when the first thirteen episodes of the season are released, but DreamWorks has given us some official images for the fandom to speculate and theorize over.

Main cast image of Dragons: Race to the Edge
(c.) DreamWorks - The dragon riders finally aged up on the tv show
  The new character designs for Dragons: Race to the Edge, which are the same or quite similar to the framing scenes of the Dawn of the Dragon Racers short. Astute fans quickly noticed changes such as Hiccup's braids and red tunic. Hmm ... Astrid did tell Hiccup and Toothless in Dawn of the Dragon Racers, "I always knew red was your color." 
I binge watched the first two seasons of Dragons last year and thought it was one of the better television shows on the Cartoon Network.  Though there still was a lot of silly humor, there were some episodes that had great character developments. Now that they've aged up the characters, I'm hoping that we'll see Hiccup and Astrid's relationship transition from friendship to the solid, romantically-tinged one hinted at in HTTYD2. That's one of the things I appreciated about the first two seasons --Hiccup and Astrid's friendship and support of each other was highlighted over a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, which I felt was appropriate for their age at the time (no older than 16 in the tv show).  I also hope that Snotlout, Fishlegs, Ruffnut and Tuffnut get more characterization other than just comic relief as they were in HTTYD2, but we'll see.
Image of Toothless & Hiccup from Dragons: Race to the Edge
(c.) DreamWorks - Toothless & Hiccup
Other hints dropped at the Wondercon panel was the significant role of the Dragon Eye artifact, pictured above. Also, Dagur the Derranged, a villain from the earlier seasons, is rumored to make an appearance as well. I also liked the producers' comparison of Hiccup and Berk's other dragon riders as kind of like "college students."

And the Berkians on tumblr.com celebrated ... ;-)
I'm rarely on tumblr, but it seems the majority of Berkians/HTTYD fandom hang out there ... Apparently the fandom exploded over Hiccup's *new* rust red tunic as seen with kingofthewilderwest's post.

My favorite tumblr reaction, however has got to be suicunesrider who wrote
"ever since the new Race to the Edge images, there’s been great debate over whether Hiccup looks better in red, or green. but we all know this is petty, and does not matter. for we all love him for what he has on the inside. And would never squander over feeble appearance... also he looks best in black ..."
The post was accompanied with a picture of Hiccup in his HTTYD2 black and brown leather flying suit. =P

Basically, the only thing I'm bummed about is that the series is exclusively on Netflix, which my family doesn't have.  Netflix has released past seasons of their exclusive dramas such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black on DVD. Though I don't know of any of their children's programming released on DVD, I hope Dragons: Race to the Edge will be one of them (I'll be the first in line to purchase).

Will you be watching this series on Netflix? What are you most excited about?
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