Jeremy Camp's The Answer [Music Album Review]

Fifteen years after his CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) debut, singer-songwriter Jeremy Camp's latest album, The Answer, contains the meaningful lyrics, strong vocals, and the musicality this artist is known for.

Album: The Answer (Preview songs here)
Artist: Jeremy Camp
Released: 2017 by Capital CMG

Though I've enjoyed listening to his singles on the radio, I haven't had the opportunity to listen through a whole Jeremy Camp album since I first started following CCM as a teen.  However, the things that first drew me to his music, namely his distinct vocals and lyrics that make you listen closer, are still very present in his 15th(!) studio album.

Camp writes that he was primarily inspired by "the present" when penning the songs on this album.  He co-wrote all of the tracks on The Answer, minus the final one, "Awake O Sleeper."  The following is the complete tracklist of the album with my commentary:

1. Word of Life [The only song I had heard previously on the radio.  I liked it from the beginning!  It has a sort of modern worship/contemporary beat to it. Official music video and a behind the song video can be found on Jeremy Camp's YouTube channel.]
2. My Defender [One of my favorites for the lyrics alone ... the official music video is here.]
3. The Answer [The title track from this album.  I enjoyed the simple focus on the piano and vocals.]
4. Storm [One of my favorites song on the album --I might a thing for ocean/storm themed songs, haha.  I also feel like this could be sung during worship at a church service --it has a contemporary/modern worship vibe to it.  Official MV.]
5. My Father's Arms [I think this one also has worship music feel to it.]
6. Never Stopped Loving [This is in my top 3 songs from this album.  I'd love to see someone take full advantage of the potential for some great harmonies in this song --I think this has duet written all over it. Listen to the official MV for yourself!]
7. Tell the Whole World [Camp's guitar is highlighted here.  Another great contemporary worship song.]
8. Heaven's Shore [A soaring song of Camp's envisioning of meeting Christ in heaven.]
9. Carriers [I like the music in this song, but the term "carriers" sounds really off or awkward to me.  Other than that, the lyrics are strong.  Maybe it'll grow on me over time, haha.]
10. Love So Great [Obsessed. My favorite track from this album, I think it's so catchy and upbeat.  Like a Hillsong-type of tune!]
11. Awake O Sleeper [The only track on the album that Camp didn't have a hand in writing, it's authored by Nicholas Kirk & William Wilkerson. I'm in love with the Southern Rock/Gospel feel to this one.  Camp's vocals really suit the genre.]

Overall, a great album for Jeremy Camp fans and those looking for songs with modern worship/CCM crossover!  I'm definitely going to try and keep more up to date with Camp's music in the future.

[Disclosure: I received a copy of  #TheAnswer via #FlyBy Promotions for review purposes.]

What musical artists have you been listening to recently?  Let me know in the comments!


    Great post! I like hearing about what others are listening to and reading. My music selection lately has been slim, but the above link is to "The Most Emotional"/"The Most Beautiful"/"The Most Epic" music series I've been listening to. Its perfect for fiction writing! And there's Sooooo many good ones (i have 3 playlists with these songs).


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