The Artist Librarian's New Hair - Karate Kid Style: Fandom Friday

So if you saw my Instagram account earlier this month, you may have realized I've cut my hair ...
The Artist Librarian: Before and After!
But did you guess that I was inspired by Meiying's hairstyle in the 2010 Karate Kid remake? I thought that Dre's (Jaden Smith's) Chinese classmate and crush, Meiying (Wenwen Han) had the most adorable and versatile haircut when I watched the film several years ago: It's kind of a short bob with a longer layer beneath that she styles in various ways throughout the movie.  It also kind of anime/manga vibe --I could see an animated character with a hairstyle like this.  ;-)

Dre (Jaden Smith) & Meiying (Wenwen Han) on a field trip (c.) 2010 Columbia Pictures

I figured since I'm graduating next year, this was my last chance to try a more "youthful" haircut before entering the professional workforce and all ... haha.  Based on my internet research, when I say "youthful" = "little girls were getting this haircut" (but I don't care, LOL).  I'm enjoying doing different things with the longer layer: two tails, braids, leaving it down and tying back the short ends so it looks like a half updo, one braid ... I want to try curling it like this later:

Meiying (Wenwen Han) & Dre (Jaden Smith) at the shadowpuppet theatre (c.) 2010 Columbia Pictures
My hair is pretty thick, so it poofs a bit more, which is kind of disappointing, but I still like it so far.  Two mommy blogs I found online detail the process they went through to recreate the haircut for their daughters.  The first is Leslie Duran's Cherry Bubbins blog and the second is from Da Kiahas blog.

Have you ever cut your hair based on a television or movie character (or celebrity)?  Why did you choose it?

Oh and do you prefer the original Karate Kid from the 1980s or this remake?  I have to go with the original, but this "kung fu" version wasn't too bad (though I think it would have worked much better if the characters were high schoolers like the first version instead twelve year olds).
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  1. That's such a neat idea! I love the new haircut!

    1. Thanks, Ally! We've been having really hot and humid weather in my area recently, so I am especially glad to have short hair right now. ;-)


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