December Swap Meet Finds - Wordless Wednesday

Yay, finals week is over! Just submitted my last project, so I can get back to blogging.  Lots of reviews coming soon, but for now, Wordless Wednesday is back!

 Swap meet finds for costuming: Elsa, Stitch, Rapunzel?

I scored a couple of good deals at a swap meet last week. 

Bridal veil: $0.50 - Just to add to my costume arsenal.  It has a couple of pearl-like beads sewn into it and for the price, I couldn't say no!

Sky blue dress: $4.50 - I wanted a bottom that would go with my Elsa "costume" t-shirt I found at Wal-Mart, so I thought this would make a good skirt.

Nude pumps: $2.00 - A steal --I'll use it as a base for a costume-specific shoe (or just wear it as is).

Stitch stuffed animal: $1.50 - Ever since I learned that Chris Sanders and Dean Dublois worked on Lilo & Stitch before How to Train Your Dragon, I've wanted to see the film again.  Disney plushes can be pricey, so I've only bought them secondhand so far.  And if I ever decide to make a Lilo costume, I'll have already have Stitch. =)

Do you go to swap meets? What was your best "find"?
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