One Realm Beyond Review: Donita K. Paul's Return! - Throwback Thursday

 Throwback Thursday -- this review originally written in December 2013

Title: One Realm Beyond
Author: Donita K. Paul
Author Donita K. Paul's first fantasy novel after a two year absence
(c.) 2014 by Zondervan
Published: 2014 by Zondervan

Donita K. Paul makes her return to fantasy after a two year absence: a new book set in a new world (along with a new publisher, Zondervan instead of Waterbrook) that will charm and delight readers anew.

Cantor D’Ahma is an untested new member of the Realm Walker Guild, the protectors of the nine planes (or realms) with the ability to travel between them through portals. During his first mission, he discovers that the long heard rumors of corruption within the Guild may be true. Along with new allies –Bixby, a fellow realm walker, the mysterious Dukmee, and a shape-shifting mor dragon named Bridger– Cantor must decide where his true allegiance lies.

I really enjoyed Mrs. Paul’s new world of the Realms.  The only critique I have is that I wish there was a map and perhaps a glossary as her previous series (such as The DragonKeeper Chronicles) did. (Note: I have an ARC copy, so I’m not sure if the published version is different.)  Though Cantor is her first male main protagonist, I found his voice to be authentic and I liked how he plays off of Bixby and especially Bridger.  Bixby is another quirky character.  Her agility and lightness (in temperament and in the flowing clothes she loves) reminds me a bit of the Kimens in Mrs. Paul’s previous series, but she is definitely her own person! Some may find the beginning slow, but I enjoyed getting immersed into and learning about their world.  With the ending being a bit of a cliffhanger, I hope to read the next Realm Walkers book soon!

*I received an advanced reader copy from the publisher. No compensation was received and the opinions expressed are my own.*

[Note: As of September 5, 2014, Zondervan's website has no news on any sequel, but Donita K. Paul wrote on her blog in July that Realm Walkers will be a trilogy.  Then, on they have listed Two Renegade Realms (note: this is an affiliate link) along with a summary and cover art as releasing December 2014.  I was getting worried for a second, so I'm glad the story will continue!  However, I must say that for a major publishing company, their promotion really is lacking.]


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