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As promised, my design for Marissa Meyer's The Lunar Chronicles sticker design contest.  I wasn't selected as a finalist, but I had fun coming up with my "word art" inspired design.  I haven't worked digitally in awhile and I forgot a lot of stuff (plus I was working in Photoshop a bit more than I have before).  It made me want to make some blends/collages for my computer desktop wallpaper (maybe How to Train Your Dragon 2 themed).  Voting is closed, but you can look at the finalist entries on Marissa Meyer's blog.

I chose words I thought were unique to the TLC world[s], and that described the series and main characters such as Cinder, Kai, Cress, Scarlet, Winter, etc. I originally wanted to use a symbol for each titular female, but ultimately I decided to only choose the slipper to represent Cinder, since it is an iconic part of her cover and she is the main protagonist of the entire series.  Analyzing it now, I think my design is a bit too busy for a 1" - 3" sticker, I don't know if the words would be able to be read that small, but I might expand it into a wallpaper later.

Edit: Whoops, well ... this was going to be a Wordless Wednesday but I forgot to click "publish" after scheduling this post, so, let's call this Fandom Friday? =P
The Lunar Chronicles Sticker Design - Fandom Friday The Lunar Chronicles Sticker Design - Fandom Friday Reviewed by The Artist Librarian on 8/29/2014 11:30:00 AM Rating: 5

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