Review Policy

All items reviewed on this blog are either things I’ve purchased, were gifted to me by others, borrowed from others or a library, or received from authors, publishers, or companies for review.  When a reviewed item is one that was sent to me specifically for the purposes of a review, it will clearly be indicated at the end of the post.  I am not paid for these reviews and they are my honest, personal opinion.  I strive to complete all reviews in a timely manner as agreed when I accepted an item.  I often will also post my reviews on and/or *retail* sites.

What do I review?
I enjoy reviewing products on my blog!  If you are an author, brand, company, publisher, or publicist that is interested in having me review an item, please email me through the "contact" tab above with information about your product or book, but first, please read the following:

-          I do not guarantee a review.  By contacting me, I agree to consider an item for review.

-          Just because a product is sent to me does not guarantee a review or spotlight on my blog.  I reserve the right to determine if the item sent to me is relevant to my blog or is something I’d want to share on my blog. 

Item specific details:

-        Books, Comics, Graphic Novels, Picture Books:  I read a wide variety of genres and from all age groups (Juvenile, Teen/Young Adult, New Adult, Adult).  I prefer print copies, but occasionally, a book summary will grab me and I must get my hands on a copy in any format I can find!  :-)

o   Fiction:  Many of my reviews thus far have been Christian/Inspirational but I’ll read almost anything as long as there isn’t gratuitous language, violence or sexual content (though I can give a lot of leeway to married couples) … Sometimes I can skip past it, but it may affect my review.  As you can tell from my reviews, my favorite fiction genres are historical and fantasy, but again, I don’t limit my reading to them.

o   Non-Fiction: e.g. “Art of” or “Making of” film books, Arts, Crafts, How To, Biographies, etc.

o   “I cannot do justice to, thus won’t review” genres: Horror, Erotica, Self-Published or Indie Books (unless I am familiar with the author, in which case exceptions can be made).

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