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Blog Policies & Disclosure: Read on for The Artist Librarian blog's policies and disclosure on comments, content, and affiliate links.  For review policies, click here.

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First off, this is my personal blog.  All views are my own and not connected to my school or any other affiliates (e.g. workplace, etc.). Any views of guest bloggers are their own and may or may not be shared by The Artist Librarian.

Comments:  I always welcome comments on my blog!  I only ask that you be respectful of others and keep your comments PG/family-friendly as I often have young visitors viewing my blog.  =)

Blog Content: Feel free to direct link or share any posts you find interesting (and comment so I know you’ve linked: I enjoy looking at other blogs)!  However, please obtain written permission from me (see “contact” tab) before you use original content from my blog and include a direct link back to my blog.

Affiliate Links: (I've decided to postpone this feature as of Dec. 2015)
If applicable, I may use affiliate links in my blog posts.  These links will be clearly marked with an asterisk [*].  If you go on to purchase items through these links, I might actually make a dollar or so.  Any and all compensation that I receive through affiliate links goes toward this blog.  I am hoping to save up enough to make an eventual transition to a self-hosted website and put what I’m learning about HTML, CSS, and website creation/building in my Library & Information Science studies to practical use!

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