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The Artist Librarian as Peggy Carter
The Artist Librarian (Jen)
Hi, I'm Jen and this is my blog!

I am an aspiring "artist librarian."

An artist librarian isn't really a profession, but a term I made up to describe my educational journey. My undergraduate degree is in art and I am currently attending graduate school for my Masters in Library & Information Science with the goal of becoming a children's or young adult (YA) focused public librarian. Reading and art have been my two life-long loves, so why not combine them?

I've always heard that bloggers should focus on one thing when blogging, but I've decided to try to prove this idea wrong by chronicling my adventures in arts, crafts, reading, studying librarianship, and more!

I’d also like to emphasize that this is my personal blog. All views are my own and not connected to my school or any other affiliates.


My formal training has been primarily in drawing and painting, but I've attempted to branch out into other media such as printmaking, sculpture, and fiber art ... As a result, I am a bit of a "jack of all trades, master of none" type. Well, I'll let you take a look yourself and decide ...

I am a life-long crafter and have a high respect for artisans and craftsmen. I've delved in many arts and crafts such as crochet, knitting, jewelry making, origami, balloon twisting, sewing (primarily clothing), and more!

I also enjoy costuming and have recently begun to focus on it ... I'm excited to expand my sewing skills and explore prop making, wig styling, and armor building as well. You may also see blog entries related to my favorite media "fandoms" (e.g. films, t.v. shows, books, etc.) …


Libraries are so much more than just books! Shifting the public mindset of this very entrenched notion is something that librarians will continue to struggle with since some people question the value of libraries with the internet and other technology often readily available.  However, a love of literacy, learning, and reading is what initially drew me to this profession.

I've always enjoyed reading ever since I was a girl. I'll read almost any book or genre once, though I gravitate toward "cleaner reads" in the Christian or Inspirational genres. My favorites are fantasy, historical, and Juvenile or YA fiction. I'll also read nonfiction and comics on occasion. I hope to use this blog as motivation to write reviews and update my goodreads account more consistently!

I’ve been commenting around the Christian/Inspirational book-blogging sphere for several years now (as Lady DragonKeeper), but never got around to starting a blog until now. Since I am new to this part of blogging, any tips, suggestions or advice regarding blogging and reviewing would be appreciated!

So that's just a bit about me and and the types of things you might expect from me and this blog ...

God bless and thanks for stopping by!

Jen, The Artist Librarian

Originally posted June 2014. Last updated: Feb. 2016.

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